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  • marketposition marketposition May 21, 2007 12:14 AM Flag

    Valencia Sales Farce

    So, the valencia DC sales guys think everyone at the DC should thank them for having a job.

    My rebuttal as follows:

    1. Management at the DC has already made it public that you will be winning business based on price. If so, the sales team adds ZERO value and is irrelevant.

    2. When you sales morons in Valencia talk about maintenancing an account, are you talking about the customer service reps who actually keep in contact with the customers or the people fullfilling the orders, or the drug manufacturers? Because, we all know one thing...once they sign that contract, they stop even knowing the name of their alleged sales guy.

    3. Since all sales these days are based on cost, shouldn't the sales team be thanking the nightshift warehouse and Nate for cutting down on the overtime, thus making it possible for Ron Green to afford having a sales team?

    4. Ron Green could personally do the entire job of the sales team by himself. That's probably why he got rid of so many sales guys, seems rather content on the lack of commission you losers are making, and why he probably shows up to the customers so often. He's such a micromanager, he's probably self-training himself to take over the job himself. Heck, he'd do a better job.

    5. You sales morons couldn't pitch a snowcone in Hell.

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