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  • hilterbilterzilter111 hilterbilterzilter111 Jun 29, 2011 9:26 AM Flag


    I did PRK on 1998.
    I didnt use glasses for a few years. at 2006, I started to get eyepain.
    I used glasses again for astigmatim.
    It helped but I still had pain. I realised that I had abarasions caused by the surgury, which reduced me sight, and caused eye strain. I am sure the clinic where I did the operation knew about it, but didnt tell me.
    After a year of debating I thought about doing another surgury.
    I felt ashamed about it, and didnt tell anybody besides my wife. She said I shouldnt do it. The pain was very disturbing. I have made an appointment in the first place I went to. I didnt check anyother place, because I thought if it meant to succeed it will and if not not. Also it is located in a respecatable hospital and I trusted them.
    I went to the clinic. I felt very bad about it, and wanted to cancel.
    The manager called me for "advicing". He said there is no risk in this operation.
    I was under the pressure of the pain, and decided to do it.
    I did the operation.
    My eyes became very dry after the operation, and it was very painfull.
    I went for a checkup after a week. The doctor said I should not use more then six lubricant drops a day, and gave me refresh tears with preservatives.
    Iwas terribly suffering. I called the clinic a few times, but they talled me in the phone there is no nead to come.
    I went after a month. I saw very bad in the right eye. The doctor said I will see very sharply, more then the average in the end. She still didnt treat my dry eyes.
    After 3 months I went again. My sight didnt improve. The doctor said I should come again after 3 months to see if I should do another operation. Again nothing about dry eye. From reading later I realised the ignoring the dry eye made it permanent, and also damaged my sight, disturbing the eyes from healing..
    The pain was unbearable and I went again for another doctor in the clinic. He said I should use lubricants every hour. again lubricants with preservatives, although it is not recommended for severe dry eye to use preservatives. He said dry eye should go after half a year, and my sight will be perfect.
    After half a year he said dry eye should go after a year, and a year after, he said it should disapear in a year and a few months.
    My sight did become better. But the pain was intolerable. I started to use glasses again for astigmatism and it helped the pain.
    They were around the same perscription I had before surgury.(1 and 0.5)
    When I talked to the manager he made it as a success.
    After two years it was still horrible. Inbtollerable debilitating constant eye pain. I would wake up every hour or two with pain in the eyes. I could hardly work. couldnt bear wind of airconditioning. I was ashamed to tell anybody about my condition.
    I would hide when I put my lubricants.
    I would cry in the nights, and told my wife I want to die, and wanted to suicide.

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