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  • jake9268_99 jake9268_99 May 3, 2012 10:44 PM Flag


    What is CAH doing for their stock to be going up,and ABC keeps going south ?

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    • AmerisourceBergen keeps going south because of inept leadership. No confidence in the company or it's current group of directors.

      The future is bright, but when you use corporate tactics in handling your divisions, it doesn't always work out. Customers complaining, employees complaining, shareholders complaining.

      It's a no win situation for this time being. How can they change it? Well, they would have to do a complete overhaul and remove all the barriers to leadership. The corporate image is tarnished, and doing things by the book will not suffice. So throw out the book and turn to your employees to find the answers. Many companies find they have to do this.

      I have seen many corporations move out of the US and eventually return. When they do, they are not global leaders, they are on the last leg. Reason being, you cannot get the work you expect from foreign countries. Your corporate ways won't work overseas.

      You have to abandon all notions that corporatism is the correct way. Listen to your customers and your employees, and the answer is there. But getting big headed corporate leaders to listen to a lowly peon, is impossible. Your answers come from those that live it on a daily basis. Shareholders do not like adversity, nor do they like corporate strangleholds on companies they invest in.

      Shareholders like innovation and leaders, and right now the corporate way is not leading edge. Listening and developing employee and customer relations are. Take care of customers and employees, and you will always have a great bottom line.

      Cardinal seems to be taking care of employees and customers.

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