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  • DayTradeJoke DayTradeJoke Jul 31, 1998 5:11 PM Flag

    Where is Faber Now?

    Haven't seen the worm since the announcement of
    no merger?
    Probably in Hiding .........Good luck
    Faber Your going to catch some Abuse from Kernan on
    this one!!!!!!!!!!!! You lost some Fans Im sure as
    well.........Heard Bloomberg is looking for some Talent!

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    • DON'T blame Faber he only reported the
      he had .I never heard him say to buy this stock
      any other stock . You have to make your own
      on a gamble of this nature . Remember this call
      a gamble .

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      • I wonder if on Monday we will see an overreaction
        on both AAS and BBC. This is so often the case.
        Moreover, might there not be OTHER possible combinations?
        Also, did I hear CAH and BBC say they will evaluate
        their options. I heard some ridiculos after hour quotes
        on both these fine companies.It seems to me,at least
        long-term,there is reason for optimism despite today's ruling.How
        much premium was built-in to the prices of AAS and
        BBC. Based on each firms recent earnings-report it
        would seem to me (IMHO)not that much.I will look for a
        buying opprtunity after initial hit on Monday.Maybe too
        we will see analysts upgades?

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