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  • sebanks sebanks Aug 29, 1998 12:31 PM Flag


    I really appreciated the messages on this boards.
    Complacency seems to be more the rule than the exception on
    several other boards that I monitor. While doubtful these
    messages ever effect management, they are a least helpful
    to some. That said...
    UPC has grown so fast the
    past several years, just completing its largest merger
    in history, I would think it difficult to accurately
    chart an ever changing company, more shares, more
    shareholders most with low bases due largely to its merger
    with UPC.
    A major concern that I have of UPC is the
    large amount of inside selling and absence of public
    purchases. If insiders do not preceive UPC as a buy or at
    least a hold, then how should an outsider find
    My market capitalization has greatly incresed over
    the years. However, now it has greatly declined. I
    wish I had more like company on the board.