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  • retailguy2 retailguy2 Feb 26, 2011 7:51 PM Flag

    TRST Need to Raise the Divy back to .60 cent

    Lets take a big picture overview. I equate trust with Libya. In Libya you got a bunch of guys who think they own the country, they can do what they what, they got a bunch of cabinet ministers who agree to what the leader says, How dare anyone try to force them from office,and they are accountable to nobody. Do you see any similarities.

    In order for wall street to give a higher value to the stock, you got to show some results. Under 10$, the market has written it off. It would not matter if they raised the dividend, all they got to do is show significantly higher profits. Since Cush is stuffing the loss reserves to cover all the bad loans that were made, no dinero.
    Question is can bob Jr run it without the old man, IF yes the consultant fee is unwarranted, if no, you got to keep the old guy on life support.

    I think another bank should make an offer to acquire trust. ON a good day with the wind blowing, and you step in something soft, you might get 10. According to Albany the BV is 3 bucks. So 10$ buyout is a real stretch.

    Wait till Como wacks the state payrolls. NY will be like Florida, a disaster.

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    • all you have to do is click on key stats on the left side of yahoo page and scroll down halfway to see book one time other banks paid 1 1/2 - 2 times book value but no more...they all got burned using that formula...with all of trsty's defaults in the credit card business as well as mortgage defaults i doubt they will fetch 3.00...very bad coming in 2011...wait and see

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