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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Aug 4, 2011 9:52 PM Flag

    Dont rush to take profits tomorrow

    If you still have calls like i do, don't rush to take profit first thing in the morning….

    If PCLN opens 10% higher, it tends (historically) to end day higher from there…Now if market can bounce little bit from being oversold, you can see move higher to about 15% from close yesterday toward 550 close tomorrow….

    be patient….If market bounces hard with 200pts gain, we may see 575 due to high volume of those weekly calls last week…

    Dont rush to sell - bottom line

    still holding 4 AUG 540 calls

    Good luck and nice job PCLN

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    • I was under the impression you played this weeks. I bought the 545 Calls for next week yesterday near close for an 6.80 avg. and dumped this morning around 11 when I felt it was topped out. Spread was too big to mess around with limit orders so I just hit market sell, otherwise I could have gotten around 12 most likely but not worth the delay risk. Immediately bought the 520s and 485s for today. Afterwards played the puts again. Worked out great. The last trade didn't work out so well though. In with the 520s with about 2hrs or so left when it was at 532 with a big bid-ask spread. Sold them when it couldn't go below 524 at a loss of 40% but overall PCLN was very profitable and fun to trade. Don't hold any PCLN into weekend but have a combination of other put and calls with Aug monthly exp.

    • Euro, are you getting out of PCLN before the closing today or staying in over the weekend. Is this a good time to buy for nxt week, hoping it will pick up more? What other positions do you find attractive at this time? Thanks for your help again.


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      • Hey, BDplayer

        I got out today at around 535 - when PCLN pulled back and then tried to run back up…I cashed out all my stuff…I made about 15% in this trade. I was hoping for more but I ll take what i can get in this market…

        Today, i got 100 shares of BIDU @139$….I think it is a good entry point and I plan to ride it to 180$ by xmas (30% ROI) is my estimate. Once market start to recover, those strong companies start to move up fast and BIDU will be one of them….

        I just traded BIDU month a go (before earnings) i got in at 152$ (100 shares), sold it at 166$ post earnings. Now I am buying some shares (be little bit safer in this market) here at 139$ and I can see this stock potentially hit 180-200$ by xmas. It was at high 160s post earnings few weeks back so once market move higher, this stock is going to fly up fast (just like GOOG and APPLE will too)

        So, this is my trade short term…I will be back to PCLN for NOV and FEB earnings.

        I AM OUT…Catch me on BIDU forum sometimes…Take care and wish you best in this money making business.


    • cse Aug 5, 2011 8:59 AM Flag

      Wow you did it again euro. Too bad I chikened out. lost out big time. next time though. you are the greatest

    • my expiration is AUG19th…not 5th

      I will do just fine

    • I hope you are right. I bought 5 Aug 20 $485's just before close at $28 per contract. I was too chicken to buy 10 calls.

    • too many dreamers on this board talking about price going to 600 or market bouncing 200 points is a clear indication of huge sell off tomorrow

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      • we shall see

        Watch PCLN move to 540 maybe 550 tomorrow and watch where PCLN will be by close of next week…580? 600?

        Market has sold off 14% over last 10 days, any positive news will make this oversold market move higher from here (at least short term)

        Either way, who cares…I know what i made during these last few days. (so far about 30%) - but most people lost $$$. so i am doing just fine…

        Good luck to you partner

    • LOL this from some holding a 540 strike that went out at 3.40 'what did you pay for it 15 ,18 20?
      a 530 open means you need another bump from the Jobs # or something else..

      Good luck hope it turn out profitable for you..

      I most like will be coming in underneath in the morning. will have to see on price movement

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      • I got nothing to hide…

        I got 4 AUG 540 for 2100$ each - they were 910$ when market closed but will most likely open close to 2000$ tomorrow so i will break even if i don't sell right away and i don't plan to…

        I also had 4 AUG 450 puts i got at 350$ each and today i took profit on those for 1100$ each…Profit 3000 on 1400 invested. Not too bad…

        So, my earnings play will probably pay out.

        overall 10k was invested
        4 aug 540 calls (paid 8400$) STILL OPEN
        4 AUG 450 puts (paid 1400$ , cashed out today for 4400$) = profit 3000$

        So, if i break even on those calls, i still made 3k on 10k invested which is 30% -not bad in this bad market….some people wish they made 30%, most lost money

        BUT, i think those calls if market moves up tomorrow and PCLN moves up about 15%, will be at least 2500$ each so I will profit there too…

        Eitehr way, my strategy will profit good and if i lose little bit on calls, it is ok because i profited big on puts…

        But you make your decisions - i made mine and it worked out just fine.

        Good Luck

    • What are you smokin.........Asia markets are already down..4% about 1000 points... smell the feces.......

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      • Asia markets was from yesterday before the job report. It is 9:30 a night there. What are you thinking??

      • Rookie,
        (asia sell off is a reaction from US sell off today)

        Tomorrow all depends on job numbers and then we may get a bounce of 100-200pts. You just watch and learn.

        Look at PCLN at open and close and then let me know if i was right. You sell on open, you will lose some profits. Bottom line.

        I been right all along with puts and calls so far, so i am sure i will be right again. I made money in this market and I been posting on yahoo board since MAY and you can pull all my post for your records and read if you like.

        If you sell right away on open, you will miss out on at least 2-5% move higher…Just watch.

        Take care and good luck

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