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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 27, 2013 4:11 PM Flag



    Ladies, time to teach you more lessons from a trading GENIUS, and you best pay close attention because you'll NEVER learn these points from the superabundance of DISINFO shills, village IDIOTS, and she-male dopes who overpopulate wall street.

    1. NO "sell on the news" effect in PCLN is categorical proof of how STRONG PCLN happens to be.
    2. Slimy market maker manipulator very OBVIOUSLY DEFENDED the 690 support point and that is MEGA MEGA BULLISH, proving that the market maker himself is heavily SHORT the PCLN PUTS and heavily LONG the PCLN calls.
    3. The stock received ONLY UPGRADES today from wall street, thus categorically proving my point that, given PCLN is 90% owned by fundsters and banksters, then they are acting to protect the long side of PCLN and, most importantly, ensuring that PCLN will not fall so far as to endanger their very heavy WRITTEN PUT positions

    There are MANY more reasons why PCLN MUST MUST MUST GAP UP dramatically from this point forward and, once again, almost feel sorry for ALL my sweet AMATEUR PCLN BASHER FAILURES who still own or acquired more ultimately WORTHLESS PCLN PUTS and who will be crying into their beer soon boohoohoo boohoohoo boohoohoo but on second thought, I actually get a huge kick out of taking ALL their $$$ away from them, i find it absolutely hysterical just how amazingly STUPID the AMATEUR PCLN BASHER IDIOTS happen to be!


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