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  • insect_insight insect_insight Mar 13, 2013 12:32 PM Flag



    Ladies, the only reason that the slimy fundsters and banksters allow a stock like PCLN to trade in the high triple digits is to suggest that it is a pricy "bubble" stock when, in fact, it is NOT even close to being one.

    Basically, they adopt a strategy that FORBIDS any share splits...since share splits would make the stock seem much cheaper....and the slimy fundsters and banksters long ago realized that when they allow stocks to become expensive, it is easier to SCAM AMATEUR DUPES into believing it is a bubble.

    PCLN has a PE ratio of 26 times earnings and that means it is a MILLION MILES away from being a bubble.....NOT even remotely close.

    Anybody who purchases or owns a single PUT in this kind of stock is simply a MORON or #$%$ of the nth degree who has NO concept of how this PCLN SCAM really works, per the ongoing rig job perpetrated by collusive slimy fundsters and banksters...the same felons who rigged the bubble in the late 90's yet never were prosecuted since the control the market regulators and always have.


    Live and learn from your intellectuals superiors, and LEARN!!!

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