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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 17, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Unlike many stocks (especially DYING golds, silvers, and rare earths!), PCLN trading higher today than last month!!!!


    PCLN is trading well above 700, and that places the stock price ahead of its sub-700 price level from last month....and ladies, that is far far far far superior performance than you can say about the majority of other stocks.

    In fact, ladies, I can name you many sectors (notably the WORTHLESS golds, silvers, and rare earths!!) where the stocks set new 52 week LOWS and/or new ALL TIME LOWS .....and PCLN is far far far far far far far away from such LOWS.....ergo, ladies, PCLN remains a far far far far superior stock pick WITHOUT any notable risk, given that the fundsters and banksters control 90% of the equity and are NEVER NEVER NEVER going to let PCLN it sink to any notable degree.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!!!!!!

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    • You still didn't answer the question, have you made money with all the trading activity (allegedly)
      you have conducters regarding Facebook??

      Until you are willing to disclose how much money you have actually made in the stock market you self professed intellectual sperior, you are just another one on the road to kingdom come.

      Please do us a favor and take a permanent luxury vacation and sail off in your oversized barge
      you call your yacht. Send my regards to Dos Equinos the world's most interesting man. Please remind him that Priceline remains FAR FAR SUPERIOR THAN A STRONG BUY AND MOLYCORP REMAINS FAR FAR WORSE THAN A STRONG SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      With all the hot air you two could generate, HIS CONQUESTS AND YOUR INVESTMENT GAINS, you TWO could easily power your vessels without leaving a carbon footprint. NOW THAT WOULD BE IMPRESSIVE.

    • You must be short and hurting. Posting nonsense every few second ain't gonna help you.

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