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  • equine_genius equine_genius Aug 9, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    most PCLN BASHERS likely acting as DISINFO BASH whoore shills for the PUT writing banks/funds who control 95% of PCLN float


    their modus operandi has been to litter the message board with all variety of DISINFO NONSENSE warnings about a pcln "bubble"....pcln acounting fraud......imminent pcln earnings disappointments....etc., etc.....all contrived to SUCKER clueless amateur dupes into purchasing thousands of WORTHLESS PCLN PUTS, month after month.....and I emphasize the word, SUCKER, since any equity in which the manipulative banks/funds control 95% of the float is an equity that can be pushed upward dramatically with very little buy pressure and will never fall to any degree as long as the collusive banks/funds sit on their hands and refuse to sell any notable amounts of stock.

    Amazing how the AMATEUR pcln basher FAILURES just can NOT figure out the OBVIOUS, despite the advice provided them by their intellectual superiors, like ME, and, to that effect, they DESERVE their $$$ LOSSES

    You truly have to be an amateur SUCKER of the nth degree to own a single WORTHLESS PUT in this PCLN bull market beauty, so obviously protected from any notable downside risk by its controlling banks/funds.

    This topic is deleted.
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