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  • legalnotification legalnotification Nov 12, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    This is what Cramer said

    One day before SRPT crashed.
    I view the pullback as an opportunity for investors to get into Sarepta at an extremely cheap price given the outsized upside from here relative to downside risk
    And then this..
    The Eteplirsen data to date have been so good that Sarepta short sellers are now claiming the company and its CEO Chris Garabedian are pulling off some sort of scam. These allegations are possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard
    This was the Street's position, and Cramer was screaming at folks to buy,,buy,,buy..anyone that did
    lost 65% IN ONE Day..Was Cramer trying to get his friends out? He sure wasn't looking out for the
    little guy..You people need to open your eyes and see what's happening...Volume is going down..fewer
    shares are trading hands over the last 30 days..The hedge funds are loading all the retail players into this,
    and soon..matter of fact by the 15 of January, this will correct by quite a large have been
    forwarned....and yes,,,I went short today......

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    • Someone warned you on the 12th of Nov..Now they've loaded all you retailers up in this with the constant
      drumming of buy, buy, we find that the hedgies are selling...classic....for the small players.
      Buy at the top,,,and ride it down...

    • Cramer's friends got long PCLN at 6, where was he then, why does he pound the table NOW at all time highs? Maybe his friends are ready to get out too. 65% in one day would put PCLN at less than 500, yikes!

    • I agree partly of which you said. I still have a hard time believing it has a market cap of 56 billion. I'm short as well. What I worry about is the volume doesn't seem to be letting up....

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      • I applaud the courage to go short on this company. The travel industry is 1 trillion dollars, why is 56 million so hard to believe.. I would hope you are looking at very short term and speculating on a quick 10 pt drop, etc. This stock won't have a long term correction in 14 unless the whole market heads south. So please cover soon. Too much profit and growth here, this is not Amazon where there is no free cash flow. Cramer aside, this company moves higher based on 20 times next years earnings and still growing. This could hit 1300 withouth much effort, as it only drives the PE to 26 or so. Charts support upside with MACD and hard bounce off 50 day moving average. Took the family to Venice via priceline, super deal, so not only cashing in but saving money too. Super company.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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