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  • net_wiz_35 net_wiz_35 Jan 31, 2005 4:35 PM Flag

    Is "What's good for WMS good for AGI"?

    I believe WMS reports at 11:00 AM tomorrow morning. From today's trading it looks as though WMS may have some good things to say.

    Depending on how that goes, it could be a good sign for AGI if WMS declares an overall increase in all segments of their business model and overall favorable good guidance to sector as a whole.

    How specific it goes with competitive climate is another story until after we hear from AGI a few hours later to counter any perceived negative announcements.

    It will be an interesting day as investors try to read into WMS report and guess where AGI fits in on a broader scale.

    One more thing, I liked how VIX slowly retreated down today. Investors who are waiting on the sidelines may begin throwing money at market Tuesday and Wedensday. (As usual those who buy AFTER everyone else shows their "river" card.

    Anyway, if this were Texas holdem/foldem whatever, you want to bet lightly on your strong hand showing and let others drive up the pot for you. Then when the "river" card is turned, (VIX signal to sell), call your hand and sell into other's highers bets as you take the hand with your 4 Aces and King. Sort of how I view the VIX indicator.


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