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  • capitalgainswithwynn capitalgainswithwynn Apr 30, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

    4 million shares short

    Stock up over 100%
    6 mo

    Shortsellers are supposed to remain short stocks that are going down, not up?

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    • Good call-but took some time-looks like the distribution phase is over and now time for the breakdown.

    • Last time I looked, BYI was 96% owned by institutions. I don't think any individual trades are going to affect this stock at all.

      I have no position in BYI, but I am curious about the ability of BYI to hold up it's share price for the next few months.

      It seems to me that a short BYI and long IGT would be a safe and low volatility trade seeing as they usually track a lot and since G2E there has been a huge divergence. At the very least, you could kill the movements from the broader economy. The risk would be if IGT went down the tubes and BYI took over the #1 spot, which I know some people feel is what is happening over the short-term just (for example as a result of looking at the charts.)

      Shorting BYI and going long on an ETF that tracks the overall market might protect you from any upswings in the broader economy if you're afraid of an overall market recovery killing your short BYI position.

      Disclosure: I'm long IGT and have no position in BYI. I wish luck to all longs/shorts of all companies! With everything going on in Europe, it seems we are all gambling these days. So good luck to ALL!

    • What you're seeing right now is all the market makers have left in their toolbox. Absolutely kill off volume. If volume overe the past 3 days was 500k shares as per usual, this would have dropped 15% in those three days.

      A BIG drop is coming here, and it will happen in a matter of weeks when it does. This will drop 20-30% in 3-4 weeks when all the hedgies, MF's, and employees run for the exits simultaneously.

    • Lol! Some hedge fund on seeking alpha is pumping this as much as they possibly can!!! They know that between reality, Europe, the US economy, and a slowdown in Asia that BYI is headed down sharply in the coming months! I doubt they've even considered all the stock that management will dump on the market!!! That alone was 10% of the market cap in the past 13 months!! Lol lol

    • This will come down by at least 30% in the next 3 months.

      As you said, up 100% in a few months, and no reason for this to hang at this lofty value.

      Highest in the company's history.