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  • space_things space_things Mar 15, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    No insider buys since 2011

    That speaks volumes. If what they're doing is 'best for shareholders'....maybe they should shell out some of their own personal cash, make a few buys....and see how it feels to simultaneously watch your holdings get cut 50-fold and be diluted.

    Still can't believe they used company cash to retain a financial advisor to explore strategic alternatives for the company, and this is the best plan they could muster.

    PYMX will use a great deal of their authorized shares for the offering. Don't be surprised if the next chance they get...they propose increasing the number to replenish the till.

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    • Often a management team will be barred from purchasing stock, when they have knowledge or information that can't be released yet. In most clinical phase companies, there are limited opportunities to purchase. And, honestly, working in a start up biotech would be risk enough for my blood... add Nic to the equation and I don't blame them....

    • You have been a mindless short since your very recent arrival here. And as more attention gets focused on pymx, with the new financing and higher stock price, there will be more. Just the nature of the game. As far as insider buying is concerned, there has not been much under Nic rule.
      Your timing is perfect, pointing out the importance of insider buying as it relates to future stock price. So, watch for insiders (management) taking a chunk of this soon to be announced offering. It will " speak volumes."

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      • You believe that the new financing (and subsequent mega-dilution) will result in a "higher stock price"? Don't count the reverse-split price as being "higher" because it's not...or rather, it's artificial. Instead, keep tabs on the pro-rated price, after those new shares hit the market. As for insiders buying the offering...why not? I'm sure it will be priced at a steep discount to the market, and well below what the common investor can pay. I'm talking about true open market insider buying. If the technology's so great...the future's so bright...and the stock is near an all-time low...let's see them pony up and buy on the open market. It would do wonders to move the share price up for our benefit...and that's their new focus, right? As per your request...I'll be watching for it.

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