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  • firerock2 firerock2 Jul 8, 2007 12:47 PM Flag

    RV'ing up and well

    Trade journal reporting that campgrounds were full to capacity this past holiday. Americans are driving slower and staying closer to home to conserve fuel.
    But...they ARE going!!!

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    • Is the excellent 4th quarter going to be like the excellent 3rd quarter. Est.49, actual .35??


      "Another future phenomenon he said is being ignored is peak oil.

      "Peak oil is a phenomenon where we get to the maximum production rate that the world will ever see, the supply of oil," he said. "Some experts say it's happened already, others say it'll happen sometime between 2010 and 2014. And what that means is, not that oil is going to go away, it just will become very expensive. So I see these things leading toward driving becoming more expensive.

      "You have a combination of things. Not one of them is significant by itself to say we're not going to be driving the way we are today in 2025, but when you take a look at the big picture and all of these things, you really start to wonder if we are going to be traveling the same way we are today."

      --we will definately not be RVing (The peak was almost 2 years ago, BTW)

    • The only thing that is fuller than the campgrounds are the RV lots. I take this as further evidence that RVers DO in fact care about economy ,in spite of what some here have argued. Eventually a lot of these people will decide to buy cottages and thereby avoid throwing $75-100K in resale value down the toilet.


    • RVing is going to go away,largely. It is human nature to think that an entity or phenomena that one has seen for one's entire life will always be there, so it's natural for American's to see RV's as permanant fixture of our motor pool. The reality is that RV's simply will not be economical to operate in an era of continuously rising oil prices (IE NOW) and will largely disappear from the scene (They may even end up being regulated, as they should be IMO). They are too big and heavy to run on solar or electric. Purely a product of cheap oil and they will largely disappear when it does. WIll WGO disappear entirely? Probably not, but they will be a much smaller co. and there is a good chance they will restructure. THis is something that will play out over the next 5 years. The process is already underway as evidenced by the poor recent #'s.For PUtters/shorts this is one you can ride all the way down. Just stick with the program. Can't lose.

      FD Oct 30,Jan 35 P"s

    • How about you in handcuffs, David? That would be worth celebrating. You seem to be the one posting constantly to keep anyone from really examining the situation. But you're a lying maggot with greed as your guiding light, so it really isn't too surprising.

    • Did the article mention any details of towables vs motor homes?

    • We'll all see the results of all this domestic travel in the next earnings report.

      I make dough (by buying Winnebago)

    • I'm not convinced this anecdotal information has a damn thing to do with the price of WGO stock. Does this mean they are selling more units? If they are selling more...are they selling more of those lower-margin units? The only thing keeping the stock where it is seems to be the buybacks. And then we have stocks like AAPL. Talk about missed opportunities. But what's the point in following the winners anyhow...RV'ing is oh so cool. Too bad it doesn't seem to have much to do with successful investing...but who cares about that! Growth stocks suck! ;)

    • How many campgrounds this year compared to last few years?

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