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  • cash2go cash2go Apr 6, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    Tarceva & Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic cancer has the highest one-year mortality rate of any cancer. Resistance builds quickly to FDA approved treatments that include Tarceva. If any class of cancer needs an advance in chemo that wouldn't increase side effects for patients with a short life span...

    Traders are gone, anyone talking about ARQ-197? Would like to hear the good and bad.

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    • I'm not sure as well.

      Interestingly enough, in the latest cc, egfr data was characterized as "expected" (whatever that means) but kras data was carefully hidden expect for a characterization of it as "very interesting".

      we'll see what that "very interesting data" about kras is.

    • My interest in the K-ras factor. Probably not enough data on the 10% wild K-ras seen in Pancreatic cancer patients to tease out anything meaningful.

    • Still curious about what was meant in the last CC when K-ras was highlighted "the" notable subgroup. Mentioned that they were anxious to present the breakdown of the K-ras data at a coming Medical Conference (thought they said ASCO).

      I'm leaning towards believing that after mutated K-ras patients are excluded the NSCLC data is impressive.

      More wild guessing on why I saw huge volume and a strong move up on a trial labeled as an overall failure.

    • 90% of pancreatic cancer is K-ras mutated.
      In 2005 Tarceva was approved for use in Pancreatic cancer.
      Tarceva is now contraindicated in patients positive for K-ras mutation. I doubt Tarceva would gain approval if it were reviewed now.
      I think that shows how desperate the need is for any kind of treatment that offers hope for the unfortunate pancreatic cancer patients. It would surprise me if ArQule is holding back good news here. I do believe there is valuable data to be gleaned in failed trials. Helps to define what patients will become the targeted group in future cancers trials.

      Pancreatic cancer is so wicked with the rapid resistance and rapid progression there may not be much data worth salvaging from the earlier trials.

      Just some wild guessing on my part.

    • Five issues/questions:
      1. What are the chances of them making it to asco? were they able to pull some strings to get the data included after the deadline? If they missed the deadline, there will be good opportunity to load it up.

      2. When would they report the sarcoma data? Past asco?

      3. Who's buying?

      4. pancreatic cancer trial is P1 (/P2 later). And on top of gemcitabine not tarceva. Why they felt the need to be "bold"?

      5. How come the following says this trial is completed? Really? I doubt. Anyone with a clarification?

    • I big reason I bought arql was because of someo f BVF's past successful trades so I took a small position in arql at a bout 3.50 a few weeks ago. However, bvf sold about 25% of their shares last week probably just to take some profits.

      In short, I just put a 20% trailing stop and keep it in arql until something more promising comes up.

    • I for one would...the good and the bad

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