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  • kyelion kyelion Jun 3, 2013 9:01 AM Flag

    Tivatinib Asco 2013


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    • Doesn't look like much of a news event. Stock opens up a little and comes down to no change. Looks like the stock is dead in the water for some time to come.

      PharmaInvestor, your take on the Phase 2 results? To me it looks like they need to conduct at least another Phase 2 study if not more to prove any withwhile clinical benefits. Agree?

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      • Brief summary of ASCO Ph2 in mCRC
        - The trial was very poorly designed and stopped too early. It speaks volume about the Daiichi management incompetence. It is also ARQL's management black mark since they went along
        - mCRC results are very interesting and very strong but some analysts and scientists do not fully trust the results since the trial was poorly designed. Again, Pucci is the problem. He is not trusted.
        - Pucci was speaking about "regional data differences" but none were reported at ASCO. So, either Pucci lied or he is incompetent. Furthermore. Pucci talks the company down. It is bad.
        - What is the next step? I would suggest to fire Pucci but it is not something to expect tomorrow.
        - Again, Ph2 in mCRC results are looking very good. What will ARQL do with them is a good question.

        The next stop is ESMO later in Sept, with Marquee results. In my opinion, ARQL is ridiculously cheap.

        I also own CLVS. It does not have a single competed Ph2 but it has a very good and trusted management. 7 months ago, one of their drug candidates failed Ph3. They lost 50% of their value but is 3-4 months recovered to the prior-failure level. Consequently, its market cap 10x time higher than ARQL.

      • With over $2 in cash, this is a no brainer,

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