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  • hlpatriot hlpatriot Oct 12, 2010 8:00 AM Flag

    Buy some physical silver today.

    Put the squeeze on the short gangsters.



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    • What will keep silver and Hecla to continue to rise in price? It's very simple. The absence of sellers! I'm looking forward to seeing the shorts bleed badly as prices continue to rise. Hold onto your stock and silver. Buy more if possible. SS

    • Poor it on boys! Keep buying the physical.


    • Completely agree the stock will be at $40-$60 in a year and the pe will be lower than it is today,49. Maybe around 25-30 PE.

    • Bonger are there reasons for q3 numbers not being strong.
      Will Baker do something like last quarter over accrual for income tax?
      Anyway shorts have been bullies too long and this company needs to stand up for itself now.

    • Well put, Russell.

      The shorts have upped their position once again, and as far as I can see, only further screwed themselves.

      They may be scaring small retail investors, but smart hedge money looks for opportunities like this.

      Could actually turn violent (to the upside) if Q3 numbers are strong, and Baker knows what those numbers are.


    • Hey Russel the pe is not 40.
      Check and post what is for everyone to see.
      When shorts are made to cover then the the pe will improve to be the true value of this company.
      How will that impact you Rus?
      Just go long!

    • The market capitalization is too small compared to where it will be in a few years. All earnings should be retained and plowed into the business. Lets talk when the mkt cap is 15 billion before we beg for a quarterly stipend. Declaring a divident would tell the market that the company has matured and is not worth of a 40 pe, and that the company knows not what to do with its earnings stream.

    • Tom the situation has changed dramatically from the last time Baker made comments on the divi answering Rich's question.Silver has gone up by a few dollars which should be all going to the bottom line.The price of the share of this company is below its year high.The short interest has gone up to about twenty percent of outstanding.
      There needs to be a collective voice of all shareholders to demand from Baker to do what is right.
      Nice to have Patriot on board.
      Where is Lightco/Rich? He had his knee operation last Monday.Here let us hope it went well and recuperation is going fine.
      Long but need help for management to do the right thing and not to be continually helpful to the shorts.
      Look at paas with a 2 cents semi divi they are keeping away the shorts.

    • div will not happen....they have bascially come out and said they have a growth strategy and now is not the time for div.
      maybe a couple quarters at the earliest.......
      production on target
      the positives seem to highly outweigh the negatives

      What would you rather own

      For me in order

      juniors are different matter completely.

    • well well....I see that the shorts increased to over 41 million. They continue to bet against Hecla even though there will be blowout earnings for the next 2 quarters. Something has to give folks. You can't keep making money hand over fist and people still what. Heres where a person has to stick with the numbers. QE of possibly another trillion dollars, rising silver, gold and base metals. I know its frustrating but you must keep in mind that those 41 million shares short have to be bought. We know we have a boatload of stock that we are holding firm. There are not enough shares available to cover the short position. We may have to wait til the earnings come out but so be it.....longs are right on this

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      • People are still saying so what.
        Blame it on MANAGEMENT.
        Baker knew how to do something illegal in my opinion on getting votes to have his 'BONUS PACKAGE.'
        Why not do something legal like declaring a nominal divi to get rid of the shorts?Isn't that why he is being paid big bucks to run this company?Or is he being paid by the shorts also?If so he must be getting bigger bucks from them for they are sure piling on.

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