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  • toasterbun toasterbun Dec 15, 2010 7:04 PM Flag

    3 IDIOTS of gold market, Sinclair, Rusell and Turk


    Man never seen pumpers like these before, they are worse than Crammer, Crammer at least says take profits, these morons will ride gold bull all the way back to nothing, lose everything they have saying here comes 1650 !

    Gold bull market is over for now and heading lower as rates go up, QE to infinity (lol, that's Sinclair term) becomes QE to nothing early next year, no need of QE anymore..economy and hiring is happening at rapid pace, lot of my friends jumping the jobs and getting new interviews every these clowns will take gold lemmings over the cliff..

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    • 3 idiots that made this lunatic a millionaire.

    • You forgot to mention idiots like:

      John Paulson, George Soros, David Einhorn, and Eric Sprott...

      I'm sorry - but I'm going to stay with what you call 'idiot's'

      Because I really don't want a job you baffoon!

    • Spot on my good man. Of course these stocks attract the chronically unemployed, either cause they have no education or because of emotional and psychiatric problems that make them unable to function in a job.

      Look at how many of these clowns keep posting about guns and ammo, immigration, conspiracies etc?

      Meanwhile the gold and silver markets are baked to perfection and with silver selling at 3.4 times the cost of production, this stock should be back around $5 before very long.

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      • So basically you think that inflating the US dollar with well over a trillion will have no effect on our currency? Do you believe also that deflation is the fear and not inflation?

        Time will tell. I am not one for short term prognostications but longer term you are going to see gold and silver go much higher. Could silver track back down to 22-25. Yes, but with Gold and Silver ETFs coming online in the hong kong markets, the proclivity for the chinese to invest in hard assets like precious metals, and the relatively scarce supply of these metals, I am betting heavily that in 2-5 years you will see a currency event where the dollar falls hard when everyone tries to get out of the long bonds at the same time. Have you noticed the bond market? Do you think it is acting normal? Take all of this into consideration when making your investing decisions.

        And I really can't follow your logic about unemployed with no education but they have money to invest? Come on, an ounce of critical thinking and come up with something a bit more logical.


      • I am sure when you look in the mirror you know exactly what you are talking about!!!!!!

        I know you know what I am saying

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