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  • toyot1111 toyot1111 Apr 18, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    Many Let downs.

    I've traded hecla in and out for about 2 years. It seems i have been down 7K, 10K, 8.5K, lots of times i check. Never been up those numbers but up days are 2K, 3.5K, a real good day up 5K. What really gives? Is the stock just jinxed and a waste of time. Has to be something for a company to be in business for 100 years and constantly get beat up.

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    • Just watch what happens when they finally meet or exceed earnings next week. The whole perception on the Street will change.

    • "Is the stock just jinxed & a waste of time"-It sure feel's like it toy, especially since the first of the year! HL PE still high, not undervalued IMHO. Also very questionable just how long these PM prices stay up here. It feel's like we could be entering the "greater fool "-musical chair's period. Will the bagholder's find a chair when the music stop's?

      Actually I think most PM stock's have under performed considering the way metal's prices have launched up.

      Is this stock under performance telling us something about the bigger economic/inflation picture/expectation's? That's the $69 question!

      Consider the following-

      China still tightening lending standard's on inflation worries-& increasing bank reserve requirement's.
      U.S economic condition's still pretty fragile, in spite of QE.
      Retail investor's have still NOT come back into the equity market's in a big way.
      Rating agencies will be downgrading growth expectation's.
      Wages are pretty stagnat for most-except of course for CEO's of large co.-banker's, & hedge fund mngrs.

      And just this morning I heard a startling statistic-that even suprised me. 70% of trades on any given day lately are held less than 3min.!!!! I might go back & re-check that number, it sound's incredible but I believe it is accurate. What a condition for a flash crash huh?

      In the macro picture HL has been pretty profitable for me the last few year's, I wish my other trades were as good. Bottom line though, it sure tested my short term trading skill's. And I did leave serious fiat gain's on the table along the way. Which is the obvious trade off-less risk exposure, less gain's.

      In the big picture this is NOT your mom & pop's stock action of past decades. While I have a modest long tech equity position right now myself this market is scary in the technical sense!

      The good new's is many stock's are getting pretty oversold right now. My bet is that big money will manage to spike the general market at least one more time before summer, before we get a REALLY serious hit-enough to suck in the greedy. What are the odd's? Frankly not as good as I would like, that's why most of my available fiat is sitting in cash right now! No time to be a hero, unless of course your one of those 3min.trader's!

    • The problem is that I bought some HL about 3 years ago. All my purchases behave this way.

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