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  • golfvek43 golfvek43 Jan 11, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    The Silver is in the ground


    Proven fact. All this did today after listening to the CC is creating a buying opportunity that was not there 2/3/10 days ago. Some of you act like you would rather be paying 3.00 more a share for the same product that is still in the ground and will come out in late 2012 or 2013. I can stand on my head for a year.

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    • The silver in the ground doesn’t disappear like an oil spill. It is still there.

    • 5 star insults back them up.
      I am formalizing 3 estate plans tomorrow and conducting an initial consultation.
      I am sorry you do not like my drivel....I must be doing something right to cause someone as important as you to respond.

      My portfolio is slightly green in the past twelve months.

      I have taken some hits but I have also sold into strength. Although my resource holdings are overall only up slightly year over year....a few significant things have happened:
      1) Factoring out additional cash deposits...I have more than doubled the # of shares I hold in favored companies.
      2) Many of my favored companies are expanding reserves.
      3) Finally, the macro economic reasons why one should be focused on resource stocks have intensified in the last year not resolved. Europe is a mess and distracting us from our own economic mayhem.

      I focus # of ounces owned and # of shares owned in quality opposed to focusing on what they are worth in terms of USD. After all a USD worth is subjective relative to how many of them exist. I would rather own a small amount of something it takes manly men blood, sweat and tears to find and unearth.....compared to a whole lot of what the Federal Reserve can keystroke into existence.

      It can be said that the miners have a history of diluting the shares of the company...however it is far easier to negotiate these bid-ask waters because choice of management is far easier an issue to resolve than the seemingly ubiquitous monetary medium of exchange.

      Can you please check my spelling....I have been known to misssspell!

    • Inconsistent? Moron. You've claimed to be a practicing attorney yet your messages repeatedly misstate basic principles of law and procedure. You claim to be a financial adviser yet your stock picks have only lost money, as documented by your own idiotic boasts. You ramble in drunken rushes of incoherent pijin English while contradicting your own archived messages on a 3 week cycle of drivel.

    • I challenge you to find anything in my thread inconsistant with my previous post!

      Knock yourself out! I will give you a hint you won't.

    • The powers that be will not let the mines move. I sold Hecla years ago at 7.25 and I have not been back since. Miners are being heavily shorted, and there is nothing retail investors like us can do about it. Buy physical and you will save yourself a lot of suffering.

      Make sure to read the part from "Dan" sent to Bill Murphy's GATA website. You don't have to take my advice though. It doesn't affect me either way. I'm just trying to help my fellow PM investors out.

    • yes, the silver is in the ground... it just cost $100.00 an ounce to dig it up after clean up costs...

    • Make that a few years. I bet this Lucky Friday silver may never be coming out of the ground.

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      • Every variable that constitutes a barrier to converting a resource into inventory makes physical silver and viable production all that more valuable.
        It will be interesting as the balance between legitimate environmental and safety concerns decreases production how soon JPM/CME will realize they need all the production they can get. Therefore, solely for the almighty dollar the dogs will be called off.
        This will mean once again US silver mine production will not be enough to supply the Silver Eagle production. Recyclers better get busy! WE BUY SILVER HERE!!!!

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