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  • wootangclanage wootangclanage May 9, 2013 8:18 PM Flag

    Not selling my shares

    The losses are too great. I guess i'm holding on these shares for 5+ years.

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    • agree, HL's future looks brighter than it's past.

    • HL had a lousy quarter. Again. Sure, there are legitimate reasons, aka, excuses...

      There are some silver miners, focused in North America who grew silver production, like EXK announced earnings a few days ago, the highlights of which include but are not limited to:

      •Revenue increased 43% to $69.9 million on 1,515,077 silver oz sold and 15,724 gold oz sold
      •Realized silver price fell 11% to $29.38 per oz sold
      •Realized gold price fell 4% to $1,613 per oz sold

      That's not bad considering the price action of the metals. The big story is really how much gold EXK pulled out of the ground last quarter, over 15K Au ounces as detailed above. That's a lot of Au for a Ag company.

      Mexico is a very mine-friendly jurisdicion. I don't see why HL hasn't got a mine down there, they have been dragging their feet on getting that going. That's what I think anyway.

      I owned HL, it was my main holding about 5 years ago, then I got feed up and switched to EXK.

      They seem like the cheapest silver miner with the best shareholder friendly management. EXK announced last week that they were laying of some workers and defering management compensation by 10% to reduce expenses in the face of lower PM prices. Most of these companies are run for the benefit of the senior management, or so it seems. If you can find a company with competent management you respect it makes all the difference.

      The rising tide will lift all the boats, but the better managed companies will rise faster.


    • everyone here, except possibly 1 has lost. i think earnings and stock will do better in 2014. remember LF was a disaster in 2011 and 2012, it is still not fully operational, but will be by end of this yr. there is lots of tunnel at the end of the light in the world, lots of angry young men whose only chance to claim fame is attack the goliath of the world, the usa

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The only way they are getting my shares pry them from my cold dead fingers.

      My predictions is better than expected, and we all know what that is worth, lol.

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