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  • drawnfire911 drawnfire911 Sep 16, 2013 12:36 PM Flag

    It can be Hard to stay objective when one is under water!

    It's obvious most posting today were not trading this stock back in '08-'09 when common was trading as low as a buck & HL's very survival was questioned by many. Rising PM prices helped the cause for sure, but it was baker & crew that righted the ship. A good enough job in fact that led to the $11 SP. While SP has taken a sizable hit with the slide in PM prices, nobody can deny HL is actually in a MUCH stronger position today then it was when we saw those 11-12$ prices. Odd's are production goal's WILL be met, if for no other reason bonus compensation is directly tied to production number's. I would also point out HL does not require GLD @ $2000, or SLV @50$ to show some very solid profit number's. Recent cost cutting & other efficiency improvement's should lower cost per ounce. Coupled with the additional properties/reserves acquired over the last year will put HL close to the head of the line where leverage on higher metal prices is concerned. Bottom line- All the pumping & bashing is NOT required if one has any faith at all that metal prices will recover, HL WILL participate-obviously if one think's GLD & SLV are done, kaput & will never recover you should not even be invested in miner's-ANY miner's!

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    • Good thoughts, D.

      As you know, I piled up a ton of HL shares at

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      • I can finish that sentence club-"I piled up a ton of HL shares"-at prices from $1 to $3. I can verify that. At least that's what your post's indicated close to 5yrs. ago. While we have had some lively differences over politic's in the past I alway's felt your post's were pretty straight forward & honest. Plus showed some pretty rational thinking "most" of the time HaHa. Your enthusiasm though kept you from catching the top & locking in a "pile" of paper profit's that you had. My error in hindsight was being TOO skeptical ALL the way to the high's. Taking smaller profit's & not having the patience to wait for the "irrational exhuberance" stage. Result- I left a ton on the table too! Bottom line though-It's water under the old bridge at this point club. And despite some "slight" execution error's we are both still kicking ,solvent, & positioned for the next run up. Looking at strickly TODAY'S HL number's the 3.50-4 tag look's reasonable IMO if the metal's stay stagnant for some time. The problem with that view is it is a bit short sighted. With all the macro event's, financial & otherwise going on & likely to continue it's hard to believe PM's stay where they are for very long. Plus the fact HL's potential leverage at this point , with any lift in pm's is either not understood or vastly under appreciated by most of the herd! Not trying to pump here, just VERY comfortable having some long exposure between 3-4. The jim rodger's interview today on yahoo financial sum's it up well IMHO! Take care club

      • yet another reason I hardly post in yahoo anymore.

        I just typed a perfectly reasonable, non-curse worded post, no links to anything...and yahoo cut it from 2 short paragraphs to the above half sentence.

        What a piece of randomly edited and truncated tripe yahoo has become.

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    • Nice Post, Drawn. Some good thoughts and well grounded. Too bad SS has to always have the sword drawn for everyone. Thanks again.

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      • "chat"-To fully understand the "seasonal speculator'" & his daily juvenile rant's you have to go back to the time when HL was approaching the high's@ 11. He got sucked in, like many do on a serial pumper's advice, a "seasonal" guy that used to post here & on a few other mining board's. At first he[speculator] did a lot of crying & suffered depression when he first started posting here. Then the personal attack's directed at the original seasonal [& clubby]. Now after an I.D. change his program has just morphed into terminal bitterness rant's against ANYBODY[including me] that has stayed the course -& managed to stay solvent, or make a few buck's while retaining some optimism around the long term future of PM/HL. I don't say this in a mean spirited way believe it or not. Some people just don't handle disappointment well, especially the young! The sword he draw's is rubber, without much rational thinking under that war helmet right now I might add. He doesn't realize it but losing some fiat on this badly timed HL adventure will pay big dividends in experience down the road[hopefully]-DO YOUR OWN DD! And apply BOTH tech. & some basic fundamental analysis before leaping! " With 40yrs. market experience no "spring chicken" that part's correct HaHa Bottom line-For the most part the trick has been the last couple year's in PM's to stay solvent, take short term modest profit's & try to always keep some modest exposure -& live to fight another day! Don't turn the PM trade into a religion either, stay objective when the tide turn's-GL2U2 chat

      • IMO an old Wall Street proverb states "Markets remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent."

        Similarly, banks will hold metals down longer than you can stay alive. IMO drawnfire is no spring chicken like many old folks who invest in metals. Metals may eventually go up big but when they do, old folks will be dead or senile. GLTU. SS

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    • IMO you have been singing that same song for five years. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You are wrong about everything essentially all the time. Basically you live in a perpetual state of wrongness. Wrongness is strong with you.

      IMO I wronged hundreds during the war. But the fog of war clouded our judgment. Madness was the sound on the streets. GLTU. SS

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