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  • lorde_chatterly lorde_chatterly Sep 29, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    You Better be Ready to Roll

    This HL freight train is heading NORTH tomorrow. All that Govt. shutdown talk going on and how many of you are still on the sidelines. Have to take advantage of this NOW or you will miss out. In 3 hours the Futures will be up and rolling. Get excited...this may go our way...for a change !!!

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    • seasonedspecc Sep 29, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

      IMO freight train? Lol. More like a broken wheelchair being dragged up a grassy knoll. Government shutdown talk is for amateurs. Same thing every year. Political brinksmanship. The only takeaway is that Americans are worthless enough to allow their politicians use debt ceiling as a political tool. GLTU. SS

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      • "the only takeaway" & the following remark's in that post spectator, truly demonstrate you ARE one of those low information voter's. Right in step I might add with most of the lame stream media Let me point out a few basic's you obviously missed relying on only those hysterical blogs & headlines. The constitution was designed with divided power's in mind for just such circumstances that we face today. An over reaching administration in power with an extreme agenda that is not in sync with the majority opinion of it's citizen's. Trying to make law on the fly with no regard to the constitutional process, ruling by fiat-my way or the highway. It's called an abuse of power. The bottom line-using the debt ceiling, or the budget process for that matter is not only perfectly legal but EXACTLY what the framer's had in mind when they opted for a divided govmnt., to head off govmnt. tyranny! And to FORCE compromise between party's. You get a B+ for your creative sense of humor. An "F" in understanding the history here, & the macro picture!

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