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  • seasonedspecc Dec 18, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Another Dung HL. What a surprise.

    IMO another day another dung HL. One piece of dung a day keeps the doctor away.

    Oh but let me guess. You are going to be patient and win in the end right? GLTU. SS

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    • In the end we are ALL taking the dirt nap kid ! One piece of dung a day DOES keep the :inwestors" away however. In fact what has plagued the PM's this last year has an excellent chance of even carrying over to the general market starting in early 2014. Ford, fed-ex, "jabber" short circuit, aapl. & a few other's surprised the WS pumper's today with some sour estimates & new's. A reality check that low job growth = low consumer demand. As I have posted before it would be ironic if the fed did the taper dance today, & then in early 2014 the economic number's turned weak again leaving the street to anticipate ANOTHER round of easing was on the horizon. At that point I don't think PM's would languish at low level's for very long. In fact the whole upside circus could get underway again, with velocity.

      Of course silver moron's are ALWAYS grasping for bright object's, right? As evidenced by the attraction to polished coin's. God you people are a disappointment ! GL2U2 BTW

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      • "ANOTHER round of easing"

        IMO so like all silver nitwits you invest in silver based on the hope of QE 5. Your brain lacks capacity to remember so I'll remind you that silver imbeciles have been investing based on hopes of QE since QE 1.

        Since then the FED has implemented FOUR QEs in colossol fashion. As a direct result of four QEs, silver and gold tanked and continue to tank daily.

        Oh but let me guess, 5 is your lucky number right? Five QEs (not 4) but five will save the day? Shut up. GLTU. SS

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