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  • drawnfire911 drawnfire911 Dec 31, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    "No inflation on the horizon" is the theme for the day

    That sure can't make the fed happy. 'Benny himself has said several times recently he would LIKE to see some higher inflation number's. If he lived in the real world he might re-consider that prospect though!

    Should the bank's start getting a little more aggressive in lending, & all the fiat gathering dust right now get's velocity he WILL get some higher inflation-maybe more then he bargained for!

    Then we have min. wage issues on the plate. Starting this week 13 states increase their min. wage. Dollar's to dog donut's the fed will be next to jump on board. Then we have O'bummer care cost's & taxes hitting business this year. Which WILL be passed on increasing prospect's for inflation.

    Of course like the PM, the comm. market's in general are at seriously low level's. Coffee & corn come to mind. How about coal & steel prices ? etc etc etc. Can one imagine what even a MODEST pickup in demand will do to consumer prices ? Yes I realize food & energy themselves are mute point's to the fed but the trickle down WILL be seen in business cost resulting in higher prices.

    Yup, no inflation likely, no crisis to worry about, only green shoot's & blue skies forever ! Almost forgot, according to all the talking head's be on the look out for a 3-5% dow correction-just another "dip" to buy. You gotta love these guy's !

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    • tulsadevlin Dec 31, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

      Drawnfire, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!
      Not many posters left from the the good old days.
      Nice to see Hl above $3.

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      • Yup, the good old day's tulsa! You are one of the few here that are still posting with an "identifiable" handle. We should call this the chameleon board. Funny how when the younger "dart thrower's" make a bad call they find it necessary to change their screen I.D.-like dirty sock's HaHa

        As I previously posted it will be interesting to see if a med term bottom has indeed been put in. Today's move does not seal it for me, but it could be a good start !

        I recall back around early may of 2012 this pup was trading around 3.75------few were very optimistic then but we still saw 7 by the middle of sept 2012 regardless. Short's seem to hit it on every pop, only to have to run for cover as it ran again ! The crowd is a HEAP more negative right now so just maybe we don't fall too far back on any correction. GL2U2 in 2014 tulsa

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