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  • kezman1 kezman1 Nov 22, 2000 6:07 AM Flag

    Profit taking

    Hello to all:

    After that great run-up in
    price on Monday, naturally there was some profit taking
    on he spoke

    When individuals talk about the market and say "things
    are different now" when discussing high P/E ratios
    and stock prices, they are not kidding...things are, in times of crisis, gold and silver DO

    As always,

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    • Kez:

      imo gold and silver are about to

      However,am sadly reminded of my late favorite Uncle's
      reply(mid-80's)to the query if he recommended owning gold?
      said yes he owned gold and I should also-- but
      strongly emphasized one should consider it mainly as
      disaster insurance.Have never forgotten his words "if it
      ever again goes up hugely,America's future will be so
      dark that the profit will be moot"!


    • kezman, so far the only crisis is in the
      financial markets. Do you remember just a few years back
      when the average P/E ratio of the S & P 500 stocks
      ranged between 12 and 18. Then for the last few years
      all the old rules seemed to go out the window and
      P/E's went crazy.

      Well maybe now we have to pay
      for all those excesses that have been falsely built
      into the markets; You know all that wealth that was
      created on paper through inflated stock values which is
      evaporating before our very eyes right now. If you study the
      patterns of PM's prices, you will see that in times of
      severe financial turmoil, nothing does well, not even

      We live in a paper world. We live in Al Gore's
      world; And that does not bode well for PM's. All

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