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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Nov 24, 2010 6:06 PM Flag

    Book Value

    Hopefully, make money on both. the warrants will probably take a year plus to get in the money, maybe 2-3 years. However, if they do trade for say a quarter, they could be worth $5-10 each if USCR ever got to $25 +/- which I think will happen. That would be 20 to 40 times your money.....however, I have no idea what the warrants will open at......but if USCR keeps dropping they could be real cheap. I just finished looking at the slide presentation and found it very enlightening. Read closely some of the statements. Lat quarter had over $7 million in restructuring charges with $600,000 just in SGA. They would have mad $752,000 and not $152,000 just with that. Margins improving. They also stated that they have reflected zero benefit for income taxes from previous losses. That will be millions alone in the future to protect future profits. Nobody cares about USCR and it may be a year before an analyst even thinks about covering it. So, you need to follow CX and TXI if you want to find out about the sector. TXI was up almost $2 today. They recently were suggested as a buyout candidate because of their operations in California and Texas which will benefit immensly from infrastructure projects. The author states it takes about 18 months just to plan a major infrastructure project and they are hitting now as the money was approved almost 2 years ago. USCR is heavy in both states as well...I see USCR as an easy double or triple in 6-18 months. Here's a link for the slide show last week: daninFw

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    • DaninFW,
      I love your optomism!!! But, remember what Keynes said "in the long run were all dead". Good luck with this stock, but IMHO it will take years before it makes enough money for the stock to move up significantly. IMHO the "debt bubble crash" we are experiencing is going to be similar to Japan's "lost decade"

      I hope you enjoyed europe. I love going to Italy where my Mom was born and becane a war bride. I have never eaten a bad meal there.

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      • I love Italy as well. I ate again at Insalada Ricca's just across the street from the Vatican. I eat there every visit. They have the best Margherita Pizza and Bruchetta. As for USCR, I think I stated indirectly this could be a 1-2 year wait. I've slept since I looked at the slides but if you look at the increase in business from infratsructure I believe they have gone from under 10% a few years ago to about 25%+/- in most current year and is the fastest growing segment in their businesses. That makes them extremely well positioned to gain from the billions that are going to be spent in this sector. 2011 should see 2 to 3 times the infrastructure spending as 2009 and 2010. It will be 18-24 months before we see improvement in homebuilding. My theory is for nice improvement in sales in 2011 and a blowout 2012. market always looks 6-12 months ahead so we could see USCR really start to move mid 2011 if all the dominoes falls in place. I have lived three score of years and every time investors think the world is ending they get surprised<G>. I don't see the U.S. having the lost decade that the Japanese had mainly because they were no where close to the economic engine that we are. Secondly, Asia, India and China were not exploding and wanting a lot of what we have to offer. Europe scares me because of their socialistic tendencies. Look at Greece where 50% of the workers work for the government. After visiting Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, England and Croatia this past trip, I can tell you there is a big difference. The merchants were charging me more if I bought in euros and giving me a better conversion for U.S. dollars. England was the only country that wanted straight pounds and wouldn't accept dollars. Thought that was interesting. Didn't mean to ramble. But, the U.S. will recover and the Republicans and Democrats have the message now. They must create jobs or they won't be around in 2 years. DaninFW

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