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  • beginner4stocks beginner4stocks Jan 5, 2011 12:33 PM Flag

    Question for DaninFW

    How much money have you made on this stock since they entered bankruptcy? How about your bonds?

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    • I also notice you have never posted on anything but USCR. Don't let the past blind you to the future. I will make money on USCR. It's just one of 80-90 holdings on any given day. DaninFW

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      • You are right that I only have posted on this board. I decided to participate on this one because I thought I smelled a bankruptcy coming about a year and a half ago and was amused to see all the posters pumping this stock and the posers saying that US Concrete would never file for bankruptcy, that the bondholders would take equity without a bankruptcy, blah blah blah. Through all those posts I began to realize that there are a lot of people on these boards that don't know squat about what they are talking about, that can't read a financial statement, that are investing (or day trading) in industries that they don't understand. That's why I stopped reading these boards about 3 months ago, when I realized that some people still held out hope to recover anything on the warrants. Ain't gonna happen.

        By the way, I asked you about your investments in US Concrete (not SBGI) because you continually said that your profit in their bonds would more than offset any loss you may suffer on the stock. It appears that play has not worked out yet.

    • Made over a half million last year just on SBGI. One of many big hits. It was just my best. I think you know the answer on USCR. Check back in 6-12 months. DaninFW

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