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  • rabbitw96 rabbitw96 Apr 9, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Like the stock, but the 35 P/E multiple appears rather rich.

    Kind of deciding between this one and CLMT with a much lower P/E of 10.
    lizahuang, which would you toss money into? Maybe with
    the level the market's at, neither one ....

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    • one thing to consider is the growth coming in the utica and they are 50% owned by williams so they have a natural tie in with wpz. this one is going higher

    • Well, PE is a useless metric for MLPs so that shouldn't influence you.
      I don't really follow CLMT closely, and ACMP is in the category of MLPs (NG processing) which I invest most in. So my personal choice of which of the two to own would always be ACMP..
      However, ACMP is definitely getting to the low end of plausible yields, so not sure that now is the time to be buying. I'd suggest put it on your list to buy in a market 'event'.
      Don't really follow CLMT closely enough to suggest whether it's a buy right now or not.