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  • gladpick gladpick Jan 25, 2005 2:26 PM Flag

    Lets see if this makes any sense

    John Prior, the COO who recently sold the 50,000 shares was not one of those who had borrowed within the past year to puchase any shares. At least Yahoo does not list him as a buyer since August of 2003. So as a prior to 8/03 holder one wonders why he sold. Among the reasons you suggested as well as other reasons:

    1. Needed the money to pay off personal loans or to pay off for special expenses.

    2. He has no faith in the company and thinks CURE will even tank more.

    3. Maybe McConnell is planning to dump him and bring in another COO who can do a better job. I am hoping this is the reason he is selling his shares.

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    • It seems that you and I are the only suckers still holding on and hoping for the best.. We fell victim to the worst possible investment scenario.. We are now delivered to the mercy of an incompentent management.. There is no damage control here, there is just a compilation of tricks and slithering from May 2004 untill this day. I have no idea what they thought when they announced that they have "settled" with California while they just gave up, I have no idea what they think about the fact that they promised to offer guidance in Jan. and by now it's almost time to announce Q4 results, I have no idea what they thought will happpen when they announced a selling rampage when the stock was near 5 year lows, Do they know waht thy are doing???Are they trying to spread the bad news evenly?? Why don't they just spill out all the shit at once?? Is it too bad?? nobody knows., In the meantime the heavy selling is continueing even at these levels..I just have no clue if we will ever recover somewhat, forget 9 or 10.. I think that is a pipe dream by now...If I didn't own the stock I would have pushed for a class action suit. This is the best stock for any short, It just goes down, down and down,,

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      • beluga,

        What can I say. Yes we are the bagholders but hindsight is always 20-20. No question that this management leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe since the stock has tanked another company will take it over. of course that could be wishful thinking. There is no question that the management of this company has been less than forthright with the investing public. Had they properly publicized the fact that they had required McConnell to buy those shares as part of his employment contract I would have never invested in this stock. The high insider buying was the ONLY reason I invested. Live and learn because since my experience with this stock I always investigate the REASON for insider buying before I buy on the account of insider buys.

        Right now I am holding and hoping.

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