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  • rc_cherry_cola rc_cherry_cola May 12, 2008 3:58 PM Flag

    Never going to Rite Aid again.

    They must have the worst customer service I've ever seen. It's bad enough the only ppl who'll work there are drugged out ghetto trash bussed in from the inner city. They don't even teach those animals anything about customer service.

    Sorry for venting. I had a horrible experience with a cashier earlier. I'm tired of companies like Rite Aid who don't give a crap about the customer. Also, with the types they having working at Rite Aids, I'm sure they're being robbed blind by them.

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    • Why don't you email Mary Sammons and see what happens?

      Of course, you need to give an exact location, date, time, and employees involved. If this post is true, that is...

    • I'm sure I'm not alone in saying.........who gives a s__t where you go, dufus? But where ever you go, please drive careless.

    • we bend over backwards for people do not stink & do not steal who are you to judge a whole company based on one bad experience ???????????

    • I agree, it seems like every Rite-Aid I go to, the service is Piss Poor! The company needs drug testing and age limits on their employees. I would like to vote Berlin,Maryland as the worst Rite-Aid on the planet!! It took the lady in the back 20 minutes to find my pitures and it took 5 minutes for a 90yr old lady on the front register to ring up 1 soda. 25min for 2 small items. $2 Dollar stock for a good reason.

    • This gal wrote a similar message on BBI board. Not sure what her problem is.

      • 2 Replies to stock4keeping
      • I checked it out and you are absolutely right. She did put the same message for two different companies. What can we deduce from this? Possibily that she had two very rude clerks or she is a nut case.I put my money on the latter.Which is it madam? Let me know when the medcine wears off.

      • Well, the best way to see how a company works is to walk right into an operation and observe. I can't speak for the other poster, but I have a Rite Aid and a CVS about equal distance from my home.

        The CVS is open 24 hours and is bright, remodeled a year ago and is not cluttered at all. The Rite Aid is one of the "newer" stores (with diaginal isles) but the store is dirty and dingy inside and out. The whole place needs a good cleaning.

        The staff is decent, but I tried to fill one prescription there and it took forever. The pharmacy was short staffed. The staff was also just unprofessional. At CVS they were all in unform, etc. At my Rite Aid they looked like people they pulled from the street. It was odd.

        My Rite Aid store just hung a banner that says "WE WELCOME CVS CUSTOMERS". They have to be nuts, has the manager not compared his store to the local CVS?

        I know Rite Aid is burning cash trying to remodel the Brooks and Eckerd stores, I wish they would clean up their own too!

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