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  • jimbo147 jimbo147 Jun 17, 2012 10:47 PM Flag

    Ice Cream

    I really think the East Coast stores should get Ice Cream when they are renovated like in the California stores. It would seem the ice cream is a big driver of traffic in those stores especially in the summer.

    I would imagine people say "let's go for an ice cream" and then when they do that they also pick up snacks for the night, beer, soda, gum, magazinews, toilet paper etc...

    wonder why they don't, maybe they can't afford to build a distribution centre/facility to make the ice cream on the East Coast.

    Still aren't the stores in the West significantly more popular/higher sales per square foot?

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    • I like Thrifty Ice cream! The vanilla has a yellowish color and it is top notch! I think it would pull 5 bucks a gallon! I say ship it!

    • I didn't say ice cream would save RAD. I just said it would be a good merchandising move for them imo. You do understand that RAD is a retailer right? that is how retailers gain customers, by good merchandising. Boy, you are so stupid you were bashing RAD all along and you didn't even know they were a retailer!

      I bet you'd like to talk about ice cream tonight considering the gift that fell from the heavens today for RAD.

    • What about a high quality ice cream. We have a local farm store that ships it's 'homemade' ice cream from Ohio to Connecticut twice a week, and the lines to buy a cone, cup, soda, or sunday are at least 5-6 deep every minute the stuff is available.

      While I do not know the reason behind it, I do know that 6 ice cream stores within a 15 mile circle around the store's location have closed in the last 3 years. People will search out quality.

    • Only reason RAD has an ice cream plant is cause it was acquired in a a store buyout deal !!! Thrifty Ice cream would do better on their own!!!

    • The Cost of shipping it almost 3000 miles probably kills any profits that could be made from the Ice Cream and Mayfair and Blue Bunny and Breyers has them Covered. ALDI stores sells great Ice Cream cheaper than anybody! Too Much Competition for RAD in that department. RAD would do better to just sell the Ice Cream Plant to it's self or an interested buyer.

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      • Boy you really are the stupidest person in the world! Where in my post did I say they should ship it from California, I think you'll find I suggested they build a facility on the east coast if they were to do it. Also I don't think Aldi ice cream is award winning like Thrifty, but I suppose you'll have to settle for Aldsi quality when you lose your shirt on RAD.

        Also how do they sell it to themselves? they already fully own the plant you doh doh!

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