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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Jan 23, 2013 8:09 PM Flag

    Garrigan69 * RAD IS GOING LOWER

    Some answers to your questions so you see them. A lot of Paid Shills on this thread like ohmtaxi. Really they probably dont pay him as he never has an original thought.

    ********Here's a question: Why has WAG's liabilities jumped by 3(three) billion over the last 2 quarters?*******

    Im going to answer this because I know you have no clue. You are comparing Apples To Oranges in you Assessment.

    Its Called Boots Alliance, and even the Analyst dont understand it so I wouldnt expect you too.

    It will turn out to be the best Investment WAG ever Made. You guys and the analyst cant see the Forest for the trees. When one owns a business, one spots these things immediately.
    First it creates the largest Global Drug Store Chain.
    Second to none, It creates buying powering that will sink RAD and CVS in 3-4 quarters. WAG will become the next Walmart of Drugstores. Just think of the purchasing power they will have and what it will allow them to do that CVS and RAD will never achieve. RAD does most of its business with McKesson and highly leveraged companies dont get the breaks like CVS. 12 Months from today WAG will trade higher than CVS. WOW! WAG will achieve what 1% of retail does. They will purchase most of their products directly from the Manufacturer, literally cuttuing one tier out of the supply chain which is a minimum of a 24% savings. THATS HUGE!!!!

    I laugh at Message Board Posters and Analyst as niether have a clue....................ace

    .**********Mary S. wound up getting a Five Million Dollar bonus for the buying of Brooks/Eckerd it should been a pink slip...*******

    Its the Miller Regime and you still have one at the helm. They came from a 125 Store Chain called Meyers. They have no clus when the chain moves beyond Small Regional.

    CVS bought the other half of Eckerd when JCP sold it. You never heard a peep out of CVS and they integrated the stores in months and moved on to buy CMX which at one time RAD own a nice portion of it called PCS. PCS was the only profitable part of RAD when Miller took over. He dumped it to pay down the $6 Billion in debt along with Drug Store.Conn(M) that WAG now owns. How fitting??? What is RAD's debt today??????.......................ace

    Trivia. The day the Miller Regime took over in 1999 RAD was trading at $11.62......

    Also inregards to eckerd. It was more like RAD got 1757 and CVS got 1258. Not exact numbers but very close.

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    • don.cassel Jan 24, 2013 12:37 AM Flag

      Listen to ace. He is a great.


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    • RAD sold off all that, is practically controlled by McKesson and still has almost 10 billion in Liabilities! Any Positive News like the Loyalty card improvement?

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    • Nice history lesson, but you haven't answered my Boots Alliance question.

      " Manufacturers want their products to reach as many customers as possible, so why would they stick with a distribution company that only sells to one retailer?"

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      • 1 Reply to garrigan69
      • ********" Manufacturers want their products to reach as many customers as possible, so why would they stick with a distribution company that only sells to one retailer?"******

        You could have no way worked in any part of retail with a question like that. Did I say somewhere WAG was going to be the only Purchaser??? Did I say somewhere Alliance Boots was a Distribution Company to other Drug Stores?

        Mckesson is a Good Company that will lose most of WAG and WAG will be much larger than McKesson and will purchase Directly from the Manufacturer cutting out one level or one tier of distribution saving them at least 24% on cost of goods purchased from those Manufacturers selling WAG direct. That will have no bearing on the thought of the Manufacturer as they will be selling more product at basically the same price as they sell it to McKesson. Its win win for parties involved except of course CVS and RAD who will be paying more for their products through McKesson. Cutting out one tier in the distribution chain is massive savings over a year. Like I said WAG will be the WalMart of Drugstores.

        Now you just received information from a message board that not even the analyst have a clue about. Pay attention and be sure to watch WAG as they move forward 12 months.

        Im a Manufacturer so I totally understand the supply chain and at what time companies become large enough to be an anchor customer. Folks should be jumping all over WAG today while it is $39 because in 12 months it will be over $50 and paying a nice dividend.......................ace

    • Wow! another great post by ace.

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    • Ace you are a proven liar…Have you forgotten the phony bk letter you pumped?

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