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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Feb 15, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    ARE WE LOOKING AT $1.75 OR $1.25 NEXT ???.....YOU TELL ME......

    Im long the stock ,,, but not enough at this time that it would hurt if i saw $1.25...... Seems to me all here are mostly talking short the stock....funny how all the snakes,,, losers,,,and wanna-bees ,,, come out when a stock that has low cash goes down 5-10% pct.....ill stay long for the near future and look to pick a bottom and then a spike in this stock ......

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    • I have been wrong in the past and I could be again but there is reason to believe that this stock will never see $1.25 again. These moves are no longer speculation but actual performance. I think many unaware of the what is really happening here. This is a stock to hold on to, playing this for pennies will cause much regret and seem ludicrous in a few months when we are $4-$5 after the results in April.

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    • If you have made money, use a trailing stop and guarantee some profit. If you think you can make money just staying long, don't worry your money will not make anything and it will crash and burn. The stars are alligned for BK in near term. Wag and Express Scripts issues, created a tempory opportunity for Rad, but as you will see with each passing quarter, the fat lady will be singing.

    • I have been in and out of rite aid for a long time. I cannot tell you which one we will see next, 1.25 or 2.00. I hope it is 2.00 though. I keep a balance in RAD, and then swing trade in and out with purchase of more shares and sell of same. If RAD pulls another profit next quarter and they have paid down debt, this is going to go up and you could miss another 30 to 50% gain.

    • We will see $2 before we see $1 again or even $1.25......we will see $3 before we ever see $1 again. I would add that I have lived a long time and anything is possible. A terrorist attack on U.S. soil could see the market down 20-30% and anything goes then. Every stock would virtually crash. DaninFW

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    • This stock can be work. I've seen other balance sheets, that were much worse. Buy and cost average at the right time, there is money to be made.

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