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    Rite aid should bring back martin grass as the CEO. Maybe he can cook the books again, and make this company profitable.

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    • Actually, I agree with bringing Martin Grass back. I have said that for years. Th guy had a vision and almost pulled it off. He just run out of cash and then succumbed to what he shouldnt have. He was the largest chain in his time and even purchased PCS which was an awesome vision. PCS was purchased by Caremark(CMX) which was purchased by CVS.
      Martin Grass had it right and if he could have sold the Idea to Wallstreet, Rite Aid would be different company today. When the Greens got invovled is when RAD fell apart. A Measly 300 Million in the Grand Scheme of things was a death blow to Rite Aid from the Greens. Then the Greens suggested they put in the Miller Regime after Grass departed. The ultimste worst decesion that was ever made on WallStreet. Especially when Turnaround artist like Allen Questrom was ready willing and waiting. Questrom turned JCP around, sold off Eckerd to CVS(1200 Stores) and Jean Coutu(1700+) Stores collected his salary for four years and a $100Million Bonus for his achievement.

      RAD has been toast since the Miller Regime came on board 13 years ago. Miller closed 600 stores wrote down over $6 Billion and Sold off PCS and DSCM which is now owned by Walgreens. So yes Martin Grass had the vision he just didnt have access to the cash as you see pieces of his empire is now owned by the now larger competition. Oh, if he just had Wallstreet behind him there would be no catching Rite Aid.

      Yes bring back Martin Grass................................ace

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      • Ace,

        I was present when all the things you talked about came to pass, and I will advance one more thing, old man Grass was great. The Kid was stupid for what he tried to pull, but correct in his vision. To fully appreciate the Miller group, just look back at the clowns making statements about the great turnaround 12 years ago, has not happened and never will. Sweet Mary a former french teacher, turned CEO was the worst CEO I have ever seen, but she had no problem drinking like a fish on the corporate jet. She hired one guy who was her neighbor and put him in charge of procurement, with a six figures salary, who could forget Murry Todd. Thiscompany couldn't turn around if they were on a merry go round.

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