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  • mickeyjr.5150 mickeyjr.5150 Mar 14, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Cramer dancing in the street Strong Buy RAD

    I told you the rumor could have been true cramer was buying RAD as he was pumping the others

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    • This is bigjimbig also known as one pays me any mind...look at all my past posts 4 years running bullish on rad...i delved into their statements footnotes and every news article..but noone reads or comments or votes for my posts... I explained how they cooked the books to keep posting losses on purpose for 4 year and 9 had to have profitable quarter within 5 years or lose all its loss carry-forwards, which are in the billions... now if post just 28cent profit per share for the year started last quarter...stock at conservative 12 times earning should be 3.36 or more....$1.97 is nothing...40 percent owned by funds 15 percent my eckards guy in canada and the guy who lent them most of the 6 billion is a highly respected financial big whale...moreover he just agreed to lower rad's interest rate too.

      there is and has been some smart management moves behind this stocks merger...bad timing...but to pull it out and take advantage of losses during the has some stop and shop type partner now in some stores on trial basis...believe it or not, it has been opening new stores every year over the last 5 years too...while booting the loser and closing those co-located with the old ekcards, consolidated warehouse, distribution centers...and management and more.

      wellness. Loyalty programs and it hust hired a highly regarded consulting firm to promote the psychology of instore palcements, advertisement, coloring etc to get people to do more impulse buying and spend more time in the stores.

      as for ace everyone makes a fuss about his posts...for years...but no one reads mine...or they all be doing will with rad i got 10o0s at 50 cents ...but did get nervous at 22 cents... i am just a little guy...former registered rep, with nasd, sec, nyse, pa banking commisstion and retired investigative sr evalutor from the us gao...former real estate agent too...not rich but as my grand-father elliott use to say rahter be wealthy than rich..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • crammer is an a hole

    • Chart action looks very positive

    • RAD is very undervalued. Current Price is 1/10 that of it's peers and there model has changed greatly they are now profitable.
      2014 profits will come in $ 300 million RAD will be debt free by 2020
      This puts RAD Price target $ 3.20 Dec 2013 and Dec 2014 $ 7.5 and Dec 2015 $11.50

    • Wow RAD is now getting the respect and placement it's desires. New 2 yr price target Dec 2014 $ 7.50
      and 1 yr DEC 30 2013 target $ 3.50 3 yr target $ 11.00 .

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