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  • tuolumne627 tuolumne627 Mar 14, 2013 6:46 PM Flag


    Just about 1 Year ago we were sitting at $2.00. then down she went. Stop losses set and ready.

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    • that time was different was rumor driven. this time is funamental improvement.

    • Upping stop loss to $1.75, partial sale of 25% or less potentially at $2.10. Doesn't hit $2.10 before earnings, but above $2.00, will set stop loss around $1.80. I figure the scenerio plays out like this (acey will LOVE this) SSS down, OMFG, but 700 -750 basis points due to generics. Earnings (you know, oh, acey will hate this, the BOTTOM line) up. I then can see a stop loss in the range of $2.00 - $2.10.

      My latest credential is on the RF board, where ANALysts were predicting anywher fro a dividend increase to between $.13 and $.24 cents per share I said I hoped for quarterly dividend around $.025 - $.03 per share ($.10 - $.12), and $.12 it was. Also said wanted cash saved for buybacks, $350 million there, at RF's price sooner the better, and addition buybacks of $500 million besides.

      Don't believe me, check the RF board, got a lot of spam to sift through there too though.

    • Like to buy and trade or hold, rarely buy a stock for a short, but have my hand on the trigger, this looks like the perfect opportunity. A large debt, poor cash flow, sales starting to decress and horrendous managment Add to the fact that Walgreens is ready to explode, it might be time.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • This sounds valid except it's a bunch of negative spin.the most obvious fallacy is horrendous management. You just haven't noticed the change over the last two years. The previous management talked and talked , but did nothing. These guys are sharp. I'm looking forward to the next qtr's earnings. Previously qtrs were way above expectations. If this qtr is the same , the stock goes to $4.00

      • Moved my stop loss up to $1.65, earnings coming up, thinking about putting a sell in for 25% - 30% if it touches $2.00. If the fudge hits the fan, least i got half my money back, re evaluate from there. No $2.00 before earnings, let it ride. Even at $1.65 I be up almost 35%. Win win as far as my personal situation stands. Some say $2.12 the mark (represents a decent chunk of my money back, about 86%), I keep researching, $2.10 hits 25%, pretty much sold, 75% rides.

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