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  • yunbonie yunbonie Jul 7, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Corrections time for RAD

    If market goes up yet RAD still lingers, that's more evidence Rad is still goin thru a correction phase.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • My only concern is rising interest rates vs. RAD's large debt. There are too many bulls on this forum. I just dont think RAD can reach price targets (3.50 or 5.50, whatever they are) within their given timelines.

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      • yunbonie,
        You dont know how correct you are. Interest rates will bury RAD. The LIFO adjustment alone will be devistating to RAD. They have even skipped the LIFO charge in a recent Q which was the determining factor for them to show a Profit. One has to pay close attention to RAD's books to understand the Fluff.

        The RAD Bulls you refer to are nothing more than Pumpers that have no Ammo. Even JC has dumped well over 100 Million Shares. Now one in their right mind would take that as a warning. JC at one time had 4 seats on the BOD. If JC thought RAD's business model was working and would continue to show progress, do you think they would give up another dollar or two in share price. Thats $100- $200 Million for waiting a short time. No, Big Dogs dont operate that way. If one listens to the Fluff the RAD longs are throwing around for self gain, they will leave with their tail between their legs. When the next round of Profit taking begins they will drive RAD much lower. The mid month short numbers will prove helpful also.

        Dont be hoodwinked here as this is the last hoorah for RAD............................ace

    • RAD is going to outperform this market, regardless.

    • Accumulation is definitely the name of the game at the moment. It's an especially good sign, in my opinion, that this stock held up so well after a 40m share block sale last week. Volume has been good and the stock has been holding it's own lately. That said, I think this thing moves sideways until earning in September. I hope I'm wrong though. It would be nice to see RAD fill the gap at $3.10 in the lead up to earnings. That would be the strongest sign yet that RAD could finish in the neighborhood of $5.50 in December.

    • Its been corrected. Now it under accumulation.

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