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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Sep 10, 2013 11:10 PM Flag

    less than 2 weeks and counting

    In my opinion only, the bashers are all starting again especially Motley Fool. They are posting BS articles. Come on people let us have some common sense here. They are trying to push Walgreens and CVS. In my opinion, they are overpriced. If it goes up a dollar, how much are you really making? Here's an example. If you had 37000 dollars you can buy 10,000 shares of Rite Aid. If it goes up 1.00 you just made 10,000 dollars. With the same amount of money to buy Walgreens, you have less than 1,000 shares and if it goes up a dollar, you have less than 1,000 dollars. Same thing goes for CVS. Rite Aid gives you the bigger bang for the buck. Earnings come out in 2 weeks 9/19. They always try to bring it down before earnings. The last ten earnings they beat estimates and came out with improvements and they always have a great conference call. I believe that Rite Aid is the only drug store that cares. They have their special 20% discount for senior citizen reward cards first Wednesday of every month. I think they will beat earnings estimates and another profitable quarter. My advice to people who short this stock history will repeat itself. You better start covering before earnings come out.Today we hit a new 52 week high. Today is day 1 of a run up. Bad shorts bad shorts what you gonna do what you gonna do when the stock rises on you you fool?

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    • Great post I am glad smart long are finally stepping up with intelligent posts. RAD will easily beat earnings the street guidance is ( -.04 ) This can be confirmed on earnings estimate on the Yahoo Profile page as well as the past earning facts. You my notice RAD normally beats by 40% over the streets estimates. I do agree the thought that many other are trapped in RAD peer with little chance of making real Money but the fund managers are buying RAD but not telling there clients to sell WAG or CVS or ESRX. This gives Rad large volume building on a strong base.
      If we all keep a cool head RAD will be $12. Rad is on track $ 5.50 Dec 2013 and $8 Dec 2014 and $12 Dec 2015 Or Buy out. WMT should have bought RAD when it was $ 1.28 Soon some group will have to pay up.

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    • dont worry about the fools. they are a bunch of morons. they are constantly bashing stocks before they rally and then they recommend the stock once it has finishing rallying. most of the analysts there wait till a stock is finished running to proclaim it's a good stock.

      thats why their readers are a bunch of newbies who wonder why they always get caught holding the bag

    • Moley fool sure as heck knocked then today.

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