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  • masmale1 masmale1 Nov 1, 2006 2:52 PM Flag

    UH OH! No Chairman's Message!

    Where's the chairman's message you were 'banking' on for today?? The cat must have WuWu's tongue! Oh, well...Give him a day or so to think up some more BS to throw at you...and you'll get it! hahahahahahahaha

    Then you can all circle jerk together about how great of a CEO Wu is!! LOL!

    PS- Did you notice how the price was surging today until 10:00 am eastern in 'anticipation' of the Chairman's message??? Then, it didn't come and the stock started pulling back...with a small pop at 11:00 am eastern just in case it came out then. Once it was noticed that Wu's predictability wasn't happening today...the sell off began and continues! Don't worry, you'll all get to $50.00/share and make your millions some day!!! It just probably will be with a different stock!!! hahahahahahaha


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