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  • mitt_romney_4_prez mitt_romney_4_prez Mar 22, 2012 6:55 AM Flag

    witnessing the agonizing death of xing and qxm?

    Guys, don’t fall for the short hype. The short sellers are leveling one allegation after another. No matter how many times several of us debunk their charges, they keep coming back with more unsupported allegatioins. In reality, XING shares should be $10-$15. Between profitable mining operations; Chairman buying 1 mill shares for his own personal a/c; tremendous cash & book value; audited and clean opinion 20-F filings for years ending 12/31/09 & 12/31/10; new emphasis on unlocking the cash at it’s QXM subsidiary... false rumors about XING being one of those hyped Chinesse stocks... legitimacy of XING’s auditor (Grobstein, Horwath & Company LLP)... tremendous book value... etc... the list goes on... for all these reason, I believe the sub-$10 share price is a buying opp. Good luck.