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  • bob101777 bob101777 Nov 10, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    here we go again

    how does anyone on the board or blog think anything good is happening when you give out your quarter, it sucks, otherwise it would not tank under $3? i just don't get what i am missing in some of these qusai "great news" blogs?

    tired of being tired in rhode island.

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    • It comes down to trust. Their story is that they are the leader in a gold rush and they do not want to give potential competitors any business information until they must. So, from my view, the good and the bad:
      THE BAD
      -complete lack of visibility into profitability of new business initiative
      -Mgmt willingness to aggressively promote upside
      -Lack of strong track record for mgmt
      -Bleeding edge business model with questionable strategic moat
      -Dependence on duopoly providers who may choose rationing over cooperation
      -Established Tower cos are watching closely, so success upside while substantial, will still be limited by competitive response.

      THE GOOD
      -Legacy company shows stable operations that will benefit from new initiative
      -Front edge of learning curve on how to implement Het nets
      -Plenty of Liquid exits available if successful
      -Low current valuation
      -Manageable cash burn gives flexibility to manage mkt timing
      -Competing against non-consumption

      The obvious question is what to value the small cell opportunity at? I'll make a stab at that later.
      For my money, I think there is plenty of time to get in (barring buyout) once model is proven. Sure I will give up lots of upside, but for me, volatility leads to bad decisions.

    • Bob
      enjoy your new place take the meds and buy more under 4 and you can move again with your profit to Florida and Never be tired again-hang in there glad you did not sell all-long and stong

    • I don’t understand why they’re so feverishly building out these networks and other cities. This one in New York this been up and running for a year now, it took them 6 months to sign two carriers to deals that are apparently not very big money makers, with the promise of more to come, with the promise of more to come, with the promise of more to come. I know sounds like a broken record. I think the problem is there enormous egos, and are always thinking of we can do better than that, no we’re not going to make that deal we can do better than that. Maybe the people on this board that are talking it up so much of the people that bought it 7 and 8 and are hoping rest of us won’t notice that the ship is lisping and dipping at the bow. This was supposed to be the year, now its, well 2013 to 2014

      Sentiment: Hold

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