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  • easysteve1 easysteve1 Nov 14, 2012 11:07 PM Flag

    How many of you?


    How many of you people that have been invested in TWER for more than 18 months thought we would be at $8 a share by now or were led to believe being so was a ”strong” possibility? Are you happy and, or satisfied with the reasons given that we are not.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond

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    • i really believed we would be upper single digits by now. the company could have conceded something in the way of splits vs secondary. yes i know that a split is breaking even. but it does make the share price more desirable to new investers. dissapointed to say the least but i still hold some shares. either a fool or optimist but at the same time think we could have done better. the worst part is the dynamics are still in place (somewhat) and i'll keep the dream alive, but hey TWER!! do right by your ownership interest! so far you have not listened to your boss,,,us shareholders! make us part of the process. maybe we would have helped via voting on secondary,,,,and then some. if you think you have done better shame on your hubris...

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    • I have been in for 10 years. I was one of the original owners before they did the reverse stock offering. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. The fact that they have no delivered on any revenues from the "off load" ability is very disappointing. Based on what management thought was going to happen I thought we would have been north of $8 this year. I still believe this will play out but I don’t think $15 -$20 will materialize now.

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    • The share price today is totally irrelevant, the business model will either play out or it won't, we will either have the gold mine or the shaft. And I have never expected revenue in 2012,on conference calls when pressed about revenues in 2012, the best Thompson has ever offered is, it is "possible".

    • The story was over hyped and now it's probably under hyped. Revenues were at first thought to begin the fourth quarter and then came the disappointment we would have to wait for quarter 1. However, there is now some potential for an early surprise (they're working on it) so let's see. Yes, very disappointing price wise but if they succeed this will look very cheap.

    • march of cost is 3. cant say i am ok with how things have gone no

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      • They keep pushing profitability down the road, in search of the bigger payday. I think they should strike while the iron hot. Sure they have the best rooftops, they do not however have the only rooftops I fear other people are going to be catching up and making their own offers to the carriers, the carriers are going to just get sick of dealing with Jeff. Let's face it we been talking about AT&T for 18 months now.

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