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  • xtlxure xtlxure Dec 14, 2005 11:13 AM Flag

    SYMRISE has begun to skin the cat !

    ...and there's more than one way to skin a cat- take a look at Symrise right now.
    They were stuck with excess numbers of employees; restrictive unions and underperforming business...recipe for a disaster eh?

    well, they just managed to con the unions to accept a policy of out-sourcing jobs instead of the obvious axe hav�ng to fall at their own looks good but in the end the same result will take effect but that will be someone else's headache...I call that IFFy take heed and start the same game to get your bottom line in line.

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    • By the way, it would be "their", not "there".

      In any event, I share your sentiment for peace in the middle east.

      Shalom, and Happy Holidays to all.

    • Yup, smart of Symrise.

      Now, about "IFFy".....I think they would not know whom to "outsource" as there is so much deadwood around that are considered to be "important", even if they know nothing and do nothing. Their management has no handle on how they perform as they themselves have no clue about the F&F business.

      The knowledgable have already been dismissed.Who is managing the place??? Easy: the perfumers!!

      This is precisely their problem. All the deadwood need to do is memorizing a couple of chemicals and that already inmpresses top management.

      "Wow, cyclacet is a great chemical", "I believe that our own damascone saves the company a lot of money".

      "Let's add some di-hydro mercinol, that will do the trick".


      Mention an IFF chemical and you have snowed them. No one would be able to ask more detailed questions about the chemicals, as both parties do not know anything and it would result in a loss of face all around....." monkey see, monkey do"....the blind leading the blind.

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