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  • good_its_over good_its_over May 22, 2000 4:19 PM Flag

    worked at IFF

    I have worked with IFF for more than five years.
    I have seen the company change. From a company wich
    was a good employer to a company where the policy is:
    shut up, work hard our you will be fired. The
    management of the company doesn't know what is happening in
    the company. The managers only tell the director what
    he wants to hear. They never tell the truth. At the
    affiliate i have worked (outside US) the people in the
    localmanagement are the puppets of some managers at the floor,
    without knowing. They don't know what is happening in the
    affiliate they are responsible for.

    The amounts of
    money spend on SAP are very high and it's not working
    as it should. This because the responsible people
    spend the money on fun-trips around thew world or big
    bonusses for a few people who only talk and don't work and
    not on building a taylor made SAP. When the system
    went live the problems where big and nobody from the
    SAP-teaum could solve them, the end-user had to find out
    for themselves.

    I,am glad i have left IFF
    some time ago.
    I wish IFF all the best, but doubt
    that they will make it for the longterm future.

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    • could be a catalyst for re-organization and
      communicating same to the investment community. Change usually
      occurs within the first six months with another change
      one year after that. Standard fare based upon HBR
      studies of turnarounds.
      If he doesn't do it, he will
      feel like he was run over by a truck!

    • The problems with IFF remain:
      -with a few
      exceptions, talent in the field at mgmt level is weak

      -there's no effort by professionals (who know what they
      are doing) to recruit from leading companies or
      industries to get new blood
      -senior corp mgmt: legal,
      CFO, HR, are empty suits, having no skill to help make
      needed changes occur
      -EPG should have left 10 years
      ago and taken all his cronies with him

      I think
      the stock will rise due to the $ going toward
      balanced portfolios, but the upside is limited until
      revenues increase and people come in to change the Co.

    • I too have worked for decades in this
      & good its overs comments are not unique.
      industry is not as competitve as people would have you

      As for management, well there are plenty of people
      willing to be juggled from co to co (at the right price
      of course)

      If you're on the gravy train good
      luck - if not well you work harder not smarter !!

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