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  • surfer_bj surfer_bj Apr 4, 2002 5:34 PM Flag

    240 million in cash / 22.7 m shares =

    Your minor oversight. If they have
    240 million they will invest in into
    either a bank account that pays interest
    or some kind of interest baring investment.
    The 180 million in notes due are 5 years
    away and in the mean time their interest
    will add to several millions more plus
    any drug they may come up with between
    now and 5 years from now.

    They have plenty of cash for the next
    several years...and if they can fix the
    common cold drug to become approve
    they will be fixed for life. There is
    always a chance VPHM can partner with
    another company on future new drugs..

    Minor oversight, I'm sure! What about their 180 million in notes due in 2007. That leaves 60 million now, and burning how fast! Anyway, using your math now divide 60 million by 22.7 m shares = less then $3.00 per share! Getting close, should be there in 3 or 4 more days!

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    • Does the noteholder have the right to call in the note for full and immediate payment if they think VPHM is going to fail as a business?

      Can Aventis call VPHM tomorrow and say we want our 20 million now?

      I am trying to figure out if the death bullet is in the chamber and aimed at VPHM.

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      • Shorties Beware: Volume is drying up and I only see 110 million in debt and 240 in cash. What death bullet am I missing? Update: I am now in a full position at 3.95. It will be fun to watch it double over the next six months (In fact shorties, remember this post, because I'm throwing it in your faces in six months) Gooooooooo VPHM!!!!!!!!

        Best wishes long or short,


      • On the conference call this was specifically asked and the answer is no. These notes are not callable.

        VPHM has approximately 2 years more of life. After that who knows.

        The cold drug is important but all the other stuff is important too. I always thought the RSV drug was actually more important because it involves a critical care issue. If it is effective, side effects not huge, it will be very valuable.

        Picovir was always a shoot the moon drug and I thought it would have huge sales because doctors would prescribe - I did not think they would have great pricing power because many people would opt for antibiotics - cheap, or otc remedies - if too expensive.

        RSV and other drugs will have pricing power, i.e. margins.

        Do not cound Picovir out either on use for children or senior citizens - neither of which have a pregnancy problem.