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  • riggedmarkets riggedmarkets Jul 25, 2007 4:06 PM Flag

    Management sucks !

    I just have to say it out loud that this management team sucks , I have never met a doctor that knows anything about the stock market , they just lose money time after time , just ask any doctor how there doing in the markets ! I think we as shareholders have sat here patiently for management to get us moving in the right direction and address this short issue , it concerns me why management is so quiet and the short interest continues to rise month after month , what does that tell you !

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    • Your frustration is understandable. We watch VRTX explode up 3 dollars after they report a 117 million dollar loss (and nonsensical weekly data about their hepC drug that may go into FDA review in 2010) while we twist in the wind. On any comparision I would rather own VPHM. Our hepC drug is already fast tracked. We are profitable. We have Camvia in phase 3. We've done our homework - stock markets are not always rational. Have you seen the remarkable price moves over the last few days in individual names (AAPL, GOOG, BIDU, DD, AMZN, etc.) Management has done a good job (yes, Goldman is a rip off outfit - they all are)) and we should be rewarded after August 1st earnings report.

    • What would you like them to do? I spoke with Will Roberts today about this subject and just what would you like them to do. They won't do a buy back as they WILL use those funds to acquire a new drug, etc. Don't know when they will but they will.

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      • I'd have them put their money where their mouths are and buy some goddamn shares. Not just once. I mean on a regular basis. Build a position. They own nada in this company compared to what other management teams own in other companies. Shows hesitation and low confidence.

        I'd also have them hire someone to review the situation from a market professional's perspective and recommend an appropriate course such as finding a new financial backer besides GS, better investments of cash on hand, dividend, better communication, etc.

      • you see your assuming that they are going to use the funds to buy a new drug , there is no indication of this , maybe the reason this money was raised was because the good doctors know something in the clinical trials that maybe even the shorts know and the good doctors while there able to have raised a 1/2 billion dollars at our expense (dilution) so they can insure there jobs when all hell breaks loose and the shorts are proven right , and guys like humginkubashi , iceman, eyzeman , and the rest of the pumpers will still find a reason to cheer-lead ... I'm just looking at this from a totally different direction and not just as a raging blind bull , the shorts are not a dumb breed ... your thoughts ?

    • judging by your post and posts of the past, it merely tells me that you must sell and move on. Just you though. ;)