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  • huber714 huber714 Jan 12, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    chart too good

    i have been bullish on vphm

    charts is forming a pattern that i noticed about 10 years ago.

    its very rare even for bull stock.

    only seen this pattern 20-30 times.

    its not completely developed but almost there i would say 80% chance
    it will form and maintain.

    if pattern maintained ballistic bull

    stocks can double or triple when in this pattern over just 6-8 months

    this post sounds over the top.
    dont use rent money but take your risk money and lay into vphm.

    $75 in a year not impossible

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    • I too had a stock go ballistic on me. It started in the mid teens. Broke resistance in the low 20's. The mo-mo (momentum) boys got a hold of it and sent it to $60. It came back down from there and split. I, like a fool, sold too early. I always sell my winners too early or hold my losers too long.

      The flip side is this. One rule of trading is that stocks tend to fill gaps. We gapped up $4 to where we are now. The second thing is that VPHM tends to test it's 200 DMA periodically. These both point to the stock revisiting the low 20's again.

      After that my crystal ball gets fuzzy.

      Good luck to all in 2012.